Africa’s Number ONE Problem is . . .

I weep as I blog this:

Generally, most African Countries majorly consume what they don’t produce and produce what we don’t consume.

In Africa, Prayers have Substituted Common Hard work. They invest a lot of resources into what they don’t need, and then ignore what they need. In developed Nations, certificates are not as important as discovery, but reserve is the case in Africa. The number problem of Africa is, should I say Ignorance? Ignorance on their part means the lack of practicing what they know – relevant information as regards sustainability and constant development as those who make it big in Africa die poor most of the time because they have lack some root structure. It should not surprise you that many company’s bosses in Africa are just not willing to share with or to train other upcoming staff or proteges for takeover. They have lots of money but do not have clear written plans for the future except for their fattened stomachs. It is in Africa that major Power Centers have become thief clubs.

Africa in hearts
Africa in hearts (Photo credit:

My take therefore on the subject is:

Until African leaders are ready to pay the price of importing only needed products, exporting the excesses, pay the price of investing specifically in relevant education (and not certificate celebration) by empowering the over 750 million youth (over 70% of the over one billion humans in Africa) with quality education, and finally celebrating her lingua franca – her own languages; until these, my feeling is that Africa may remain small.

Is it not amazing how that there are a number of ”capable” churches and mosques in Africa, yet with no single effect or slight improvement on the gross per capital income. Again, Prayers have substituted work. They pray a lot and work very hard but never smartly. Hard work does not pay but smart work does! Every now and then, Africa receives robust financial aid from international unions, governments and foreign nations; hence, always celebrate her gifts, however, remains small.  A wise man said – “For every degree of freedom that we seek, we would remain slaves!” It has been confirmed that Africans rely so much on such foreign aid. Thus, until we (Africans) stand and solve our own problems by ourselves no matter how long, tears will wallow continuously down our cheeks.

African Leaders and Youth must therefore arise collaboratively for critical and strategic empowerment as it concerns quality education and international development. Globalization dictates that rule thus, “as long as other Countinents are pumping in financial substance in cash or in kinds, African Nations would remain small” Books should be her birthright. Reading should be her nick name. Africans should arise beyond celebrating certificates to celebrating discoveries. Empowerment is a strong word for progress. The youth should go for what is current and invest in the direction of meeting the needs of the African people. OH, HOW I LOOK FORWARD TO AFRICAN’S CHANGE. IT IS TIME AFRICA.


map showing official languages of Africa
map showing official languages of Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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